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Session 17 - Magnetic Fields II.
Oral session, Tuesday, July 01
Ballroom A, Chair: Paul Charbonneau

[17.03] Multi-layer Observation of Sunspot Magnetic Fields

H. Lin (National Solar Observatory/Sacramento Peak)

We measured the magnetic field configuration of a sunspot and its surrounding active regions at the photospheric level with full Stokes polarimetry of two photospheric lines (Si I 10827 A and Fe I 15648 A), and at the chromospheric level using the He I 10830 A line. At the chromospheric level the active regions outside the sunspot have a rich magnetic field structure that is not observed at the photospheric level. There is also an abundance of high velocity features. Inside the sunspot, the chromospheric magnetic field is similar to the photospheric field. However, the sunspot exhibits the inverse Evershed flow at the chromospheric level. This type of measurement will have important observational constraints for the models of sunspot magnetic fields.

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