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Session 15 - Interplanetary, Instrumentation.
Oral session, Monday, June 30
Ballroom A, Chair: Victor Pizzo

[15.02] Tomography of Heliospheric Structures Using Helios Spacecraft Photometer Data

B. V. Jackson (UCSD/CASS), P. L. Hick (UCSD/CASS)

We have produced a Computer Assisted Tomography (CAT) program that optimizes a three-dimensional heliospheric model to fit observational data. We have used this program to reconstruct interplanetary scintillation and Helios photometer Thomson-scattering data. The program iterates to a least-squares solution fit using solar rotation and solar wind outward motion to provide perspective views of each point in space accessible to the observations. We plot the optimized model as Carrington maps in velocity and density with resolutions commensurate with the original data sets. Here we concentrate on the Helios photometer Thomson-scattering measurements and explore the stability of corotating structures. We map the structures we have reconstructed to the solar surface and match these with observations from the Sacramento Peak green line coronagraph. We also map these structures to the Helios spacecraft where they are compared with data measured in situ.

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