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Session 13 - Image Processing, Chromosphere.
Oral session, Monday, June 30
Ballroom A, Chair: Thomas Metcalf

[13.03] Quiet Sun He I 1083 nm Chromospheric Events

M. J. Penn (NSO/NOAO), H. P. Jones (NASA/GSFC)

Several types of flows are observed in the quiet solar chromosphere using the He I 1083 nm absorption line with data from the NSO/KPVT. Downflow events, termed ``He Rain'' are described by about 4 km/sec Doppler red-shift of the line, an increased line width, and enhanced line absorption. The ``He Rain'' events begin with a small, compact morphology then evolve during 500 seconds to become extended and diffuse. The birth-rate of these ``He Rain'' events suggests an association with either coronal loop interactions or macrospicules.

Loop-flow events observed with the He I 1083 nm line show blue-shifts followed by a red-shift, an increased line width and enhanced line absorption. The events follow curving trajectories with sizes about 30 arcsec. These events occur much less frequently than spicules, but may be associated with a type of spicule or some flow along the local magnetic field.

Recent observations of these quiet Sun events and discussion of the associated coronal events will be presented.

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