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Session 9 - SOHO Helioseismology I, Interior.
Oral session, Saturday, June 28
Ballroom A, Chair: Philip Scherrer

[9.02] Spherical and Aspherical Structure of the Sun

A. G. Kosovichev (Stanford University), SOI Structure Inversion Team

The striking stability of solar Dopplergrams measured by SOHO, without an intervening atmosphere, substantially decreases the noise in the solar oscillations power spectrum compared with ground-based observations. This permits detection of lower amplitude oscillations, extending the range and precision of measured normal mode frequencies and frequency splitting for inferring the internal structure of the Sun.

We report on new inversion results for the radial and latitudinal seismic solar structures with particular attention to zonal asphericity inferred with the high angular resolution. The frequency splitting of the fundamental mode is used to estimate the large-scale structure of the subsurface magnetic fields.

The sound-speed profile inferred from the mean frequencies of mode multiplets gives evidence for significant deviations from a standard solar model in the upper convective boundary layer, in a thin layer just beneath the convection zone and in the energy-generating core.

This research is supported by the SOI-MDI NASA contract NAG5-3077 at Stanford University.

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