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Session 7 - Corona II.
Oral session, Saturday, June 28
Ballroom A, Chair: Fran Bagenal

[7.03] Alfven Wave Transmission and Coronal Loop Heating

C. Litwin (U. Wisconsin and U. Chicago), R. Rosner (U. Chicago)

It has been argued (Parker 1994) that Alfven waves excited by photospheric motions cannot heat coronal loops because their frequency is much lower than the resonant frequency required for efficient energy transmission (Hollweg 1984). This conclusion is based on results of an analysis that was restricted to axisymmetric modes in an untwisted magnetic field. We examine the question of nonaxisymmetric mode transmission efficiency from photosphere into coronal loops. We conclude that wave energy can be efficiently transmitted into loops with a sufficiently twisted magnetic field. The value of the required twist is below the threshold for kink instability.


Hollweg, J. V., 1984, ApJ, 277, 392 Parker, E. N. 1994, Spontaneous Current Sheets in Magnetic Fields (New York: Oxford)

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