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Session 6 - Corona I.
Oral session, Friday, June 27
Ballroom A, Chair: David Alexander

[6.03] Radio Observations of the Emergence of a Solar Active Region

S. M. White (Univ. of Maryland), J. Lee (Univ. of Maryland), M. R. Kundu (Univ. of Maryland)

On July 6 1996 a solar active region abruptly began to emerge through the solar photosphere. This region was eventually to produce the first X-class flare since 1993. We happened to be observing the region with the VLA during its emergence, and present a preliminary report on the observations in this paper. The radio data are the only means for observing the magnetic fields of the emerging region in the corona, and can thus be used to test models for the structure of emerging magnetic fields. In this case, we do not see any evidence for strong coronal fields during the initial emergence, indicating that the field lines diverge rapidly above the photosphere as expected from simple theory. We follow the emergence of flux over several days and discuss the implications of these observations for theories of flux emergence.

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