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Session 6 - Corona I.
Oral session, Friday, June 27
Ballroom A, Chair: David Alexander

[6.01] Mapping the Magnetic Structure of the Corona During the Ulysses Fast-Latitude Scan

J. A. Linker, Z. Miki\'c (SAIC)

The coronal magnetic field defines the large-scale structure of the solar corona, the position of the heliospheric current sheet, and the regions of fast and slow solar wind. To understand the structure of the solar corona and inner heliophere, we must relate observations of the large-scale magnetic field at the photosphere to coronal and interplanetary observations. Global magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) models of the solar corona show great promise in accurately mapping the photospheric magnetic field outwards from the Sun. Data from February--April, 1995 (Carrington rotations 1892-1894) provide an opportunity to test this capability, as the Ulysses spacecraft traversed a wide range of heliographic latitudes, and, at the same time, the Mauna Loa Coronameter made white-light observations of the inner corona. We compare results from magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) models of the solar corona during this time period with Mauna Loa data. By ``flying'' the Ulysses spacecraft trajectory through the model data, we produce simulated traces of the magnetic field for the Ulysses fast-latitude scan and directly compare these results with Ulysses observations.

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