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Session 3 - SOHO Corona I.
Oral session, Friday, June 27
Ballroom A, Chair: Craig DeForest

[3.02] Observations of the January 6, 1997 CME/Magnetic Cloud Event

B. J. Thompson (Applied Research Corp./NASA GSFC)

Despite the unprecedented degree of scientific coverage, the solar origin of the January 6, 1997 CME/Magnetic Cloud Event is not completely understood. The eruption was associated with a small disappearing filament and long duration event (LDE) but was accompanied by no significant CME signatures in soft x-ray and radio data. SOHO/LASCO images of the event showed a faint CME encompassing 3/4 of the solar disk.

This event is of interest for (at least) three reasons: the event had a significant impact on geospace, causing activity which was detectable throughout the entire magnetosphere. Secondly, it adds another event to the list of eruptions which are surprisingly subtle in the solar data but are extremely geoeffective. Finally, the event was observed with historic completeness: from its origin (coronagraph/solar disk imagers), propagation (WIND/WAVES radio tracking), magnetospheric impact, and subsequent geomagnetic activity.

The presentation will include a discussion of the current progress towards the understanding of these events and a summary of the solar, solar wind, and magnetospheric observations.

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