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Session 2 - Everything Else.
Display session, Friday, June 27
Ballroom C, Chair: Richard Canfield

[2.72] The National Solar Observatory Digital Library

F. Hill, D. Branston, W. Erdwurm (NSO/NOAO)

NSO provides several important data sets to the solar physics community, such as full-disk daily magnetograms, He 10380 spectroheliograms, and solar spectral atlases from Kitt Peak; as well as H-\alpha and Ca K spectroheliograms, and coronal scans from Sacramento Peak. The usage of these data sets has rapidly increased over the last 3 years as indicated in the logs of NSO/KP anonymous FTP activity which show increases of 400% in the number of logins, and 100% in the number of files transferred. In order to provide better access to these data for the solar physics community, NSO is developing a digital library. A robotic jukebox that holds 300 CD ROMs (about 210 GB) on-line has been installed at NSO, and the migration of data into this system is substantially underway. At the present time, the entire set of spectra from the Fourier Transform Spectrometer is on-line, as well as about 15and He 10830 images. The Sacramento Peak H-\alpha and Ca K spectroheliograms are now being digitized and transferred to CDs.

A web-based user interface and search tool is also in development. Oracle has been selected and installed as the RDBMS search engine. Software to populate the database tables using FITS header parameters has been developed. Issues of file name conventions, user request tracking, and download strategies are under study. We expect to have a simple prototype interface and search tool for the Kitt Peak magnetograms available for testing by the user community by Summer 1997. This will provide a foundation that can be easily extended to include additional data sets.

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