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Session 2 - Everything Else.
Display session, Friday, June 27
Ballroom C, Chair: Richard Canfield

[2.65] Horizontal Velocity Structure of Supergranules near Disk Center from High-Resolution SoHO/MDI Observations

L. H. Strous (NSO/SP), G. W. Simon (AF/PL/GPSS), R. A. Shine, N. Hurlburt (LMATC)

We determine the average surface flows in supergranules from high-resolution SoHO/MDI observations near disk center, using local correlation and feature tracking methods. We present results as a function of distance to the supergranule center and of supergranule size, and as a function of normalized distance to the supergranule center.

This work was supported by NASA Grant NAG5-3077 at Stanford and Lockheed Martin, and by AFOSR and the Fellows Program of AF Phillips Lab at NSO/SP.

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