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Session 2 - Everything Else.
Display session, Friday, June 27
Ballroom C, Chair: Richard Canfield

[2.35] Simulation of Buoyant Flux Ropes in the Magnetized Solar Atmosphere

J. Krall, J. Chen, R. Santoro (Naval Research Lab., Washington, DC), D. S. Spicer, S. T. Zalesak (Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD), P. J. Cargill (Imperial College, London, United Kingdom)

The dynamics of emerging magnetic structures, such as flux ropes, in a gravitationally-stratified solar atmosphere are investigated. Specifically, 2-D MHD simulations of horizontally-oriented flux ropes are performed under the approximation that the flux rope axis remains parallel to the solar surface as it rises. Background magnetic fields, which can exert diamagnetic forces on these flux ropes, are included. The possibility that magnetic structures with twisted field lines, such as flux ropes, emerge through the photosphere is the subject of ongoing discussion. Such structures may be related to coronal mass ejections. Observables associated with emerging flux ropes are generated at specified observational wavelengths. Examples of these will include flow patterns at 6768 Åand vector magnetograms at 6103 ÅP>

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