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Session 2 - Everything Else.
Display session, Friday, June 27
Ballroom C, Chair: Richard Canfield

[2.16] Stereoscopic Visualization and Analysis of Solar X-Ray Images

P. C. Liewer, E. M. DeJong, Z. Gorjian, D. J. Freda, J. R. Hall, J. J. Lorre (JPL/ Caltech)

We are developing a suite of software tools for stereoscopic visualization and analysis of solar images to help understand what can be learned from future stereoscopic spacecraft missions to observe the Sun and corona. The goal of such missions, such as the SEC Roadmap STEREO mission, is to give new information on the three-dimensional structure of solar and coronal features by viewing them from two well-separated angles (15-60 \deg). For example, since X-ray emission shows magnetic morphology, stereo X-ray observations of the corona can be used to address the question of what changes in magnetic structure precede and follow explosive coronal events such as CMEs and eruptive flares. Stereo viewing alone will resolve some ambiguities in the structures caused by line-of-sight viewing effects. However, more can be learned if there are tools are to extract quantitative information on the changes in coronal structures from stereo observations. To develop such tools, rotational stereo images pairs (that is, images taken at two different times) of solar data, such as Yohkoh SXT data, are being used along with simulated data from numerical models. Progress on visualization tools and analysis tools to trace observed coronal features in three dimensions will be reported.

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