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Session 1 - Chromosphere, Corona, Flares.
Display session, Friday, June 27
Ballroom B, Chair: Charles Kankelborg

[1.11] Initial Comparison of MDI Photospheric Magnetic Movies and CDS Transition Region Movies in Quiet Sun

T. Tarbell (LMPARL), P. Brekke (ITA-Oslo), A. Fludra (RAL), C. DeForest (Stanford), J. Saba, J. Covington (LMPARL/GSFC)

We present simultaneous, coaligned movies of photospheric magnetic fields and transition region (TR) intensities in very quiet sun near disk center obtained by SOHO in January, 1997. For example, the 22 Jan 1997 CDS movies show He I 584 (2x10^4 K) and O V 630 (2.4 x 10^5 K) from 16:51 to 19:54 UT, with a 310 x 240 arcsecond field of view, 105 second cadence, and 1.7 arcsecond pixels. MDI photospheric longitudinal magnetograms, with 60 second cadence and 0.6 arcsecond pixels, have been coaligned with these. Bright TR emission correlates more strongly with close bipoles in the photospheric magnetic field than with magnetic flux alone. Some strong photospheric flux tubes are barely visible in the TR emission, appearing only occasionally in connections with nearby weak opposite polarity fields. Bright transient emissions in the TR are located at places of cancelling opposite polarities in photospheric magnetic fields. The flux cancellation continues for tens of minutes or hours in the magnetic movies. Searches for more rapid magnetic counterparts to these TR transients and for emerging magnetic flux regions in the movies are under way.

This work was supported by NASA grant NAG5-3077 at Stanford and Lockheed Martin.

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