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Session 53 - Gamma Ray Investigations.
Oral session, Thursday, June 12
North Main Hall F/G,

[53.05] HST Observations of GRB 970228

K. C. Sahu, M. Livio, L. Petro, F. D. Macchetto (STScI), J. van Paradijs (U. Amsterdam), C. Kouveliotou, G. J. Fishman, C. A. Meegan (NASA/MSFC), P. J. Groot, T. Galama (U. Amsterdam)

The recent identification of a possible optical counterpart to GRB 970228 has provided for the first time an excellent opportunity for significant progress in the understanding of the gamma ray bursters. We have carried out Hubble Space Telescope (HST) observations of this GRB, 26 and 38 days after the outburst in two wavebands, with a clear detection of the optical counterpart and an associated extended source in both photometric bands. The derived V and I magnitudes for the point source are 25.7+-0.2 and 24.2+-0.2, and 26.0+-0.2 and 24.6+-0.2 for the first and second epochs, respectively. The results and their implications will be discussed.

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