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Session 52 - Clusters & Cosmology.
Oral session, Thursday, June 12
North Main Hall C/D,

[52.03] Hot Intergalactic Medium and Remnant Populations in Galactic Groups and Clusters

G. J. Mathews, B. D. Fields (U. Notre Dame), D. N. Schramm (U. Chicago)

We discuss models for the formation of hot X-ray emitting gas in galactic groups and clusters. We follow the dynamics, chemical evolution, heat flow and gas flows of a hierarchy of scales, including: protogalactic clouds, galactic halos, the group or cluster itself, and the hot intergalactic medium. Within this hierarchy, galaxies are via mergers of protogalactic fragments. Hot and cold gas components are distinguished, with star formation occurring in cold molecular cloud cores, while stellar winds, supernovae, and mergers convert cold gas into a hot intercloud medium. We find that early bursts of star formation lead to a large population of remnants (mostly white dwarfs), which would reside presently in the galactic halos and contribute to the dark matter component.

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