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Session 49 - Galactic Radioactivity, 26A1 & Solar System Origin.
Oral session, Wednesday, June 11
North Main Hall F/G,

[49.01] Manifestations and Implications of 26Al and other Radioactivity

D. D. Clayton (Clemson U.)

This talk will lay out astronomical issues concerning the detectable concentrations of interstellar radioactivity, especially with regard to 26Al, as detected in several different ways. It will also describe ways in which these issues impact several disciplines: gamma ray astronomy; nucleosynthesis; chemical evolution of the ISM; physics of molecular cloud complexes; star formation; origin of the solar system; origin in stars of the measured presolar particles and their high initial levels of radioactivity; formation of first solids in the solar system and meteoritics. The goal will be to clarify the entire scientific interplay of interstellar radioactivity for these fields so that the subsequent talks will be more meaningful.

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