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Session 48 - New Insights on X-ray Binaries - II.
Oral session, Wednesday, June 11
North Main Hall C/D,

[48.05] Continuous Long-Term Observations of Accreting Binary Pulsars

T. A. Prince (Caltech)

The burst detection capabilities of the BATSE instrument on the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory are well-known. Less well-known are the capabilities of the BATSE instrument as an all-sky monitor for the study of accreting black hole and neutron star systems. This talk will describe five years of continuous monitoring of accreting magnetic neutron stars with BATSE. These observations have provided new insights into angular momentum transfer in disk-fed and wind-fed systems, and have shed new light on transient outbursts in the galactic population of high-mass binaries with a Be companion.

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