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Session 45 - New Insights on X-ray Binaries.
Display session, Wednesday, June 11
South Main Hall,

[45.02] Broad-Band X-Ray Spectroscopy of Cen X-3

M. D. Audley (U. Maryland), K. Ebisawa (USRA/GSFC), R. L. Kelley (NASA/GSFC)

We report on an observation of the high mass binary X-ray pulsar Centaurus X-3 with RXTE outside of X-ray eclipse. Previous observations suggest the possible presence of a cyclotron absorption feature. The X-ray spectrum of Cen X-3 is also modified by reflection from relatively unionized matter near the neutron star, which gives rise to a pulsed iron fluorescent line. During the ASM-triggered observation the source was in its high state. This, and the high effective area of the PCA allowed us to resolve individual 4.8 s pulses with good counting statistics. The average pulse profile is asymmetric with a small interpulse, characteristic of the high state. The pulse shape varies significantly from pulse to pulse. We performed pulse-phase resolved spectroscopy in the 2-100 keV band to investigate the influence of reflection and cyclotron opacity on the spectrum. We present preliminary results and discuss the structure and dynamics of the system.

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