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Session 44 - New Light on Supernova Remnants.
Display session, Wednesday, June 11
South Main Hall,

[44.08] Radio and X-ray Morphology of Radio-Bright Supernova Remnants

K. K. Dyer, S. P. Reynolds (N.C. State)

The relation between radio and X-ray morphology of supernova remnants varies considerably among objects, with important implications for the physics of the emission processes in each band. We display and compare VLA and ROSAT images of SNR 3C397 (G41.1-0.3). The unusual rectangular morphology of the radio-bright SNR 3C397 can be seen in VLA images at 20 and 6 cm wavelength and in ROSAT HRI images. We discuss the spatial distribution of the remnant's polarization and spectral index. The steep total-intensity profile off the SW edge of 3C397 allows an inference of the upstream electron diffusion coefficient. We speculate on possible mechanisms producing an X-ray hot-spot near the center of the remnant that is less prominent in the radio bands.

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