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Session 43 - Source Surveys.
Display session, Wednesday, June 11
South Main Hall,

[43.08] An X-ray Survey of Galaxies in Pairs

S. Cousineau, M. Henriksen (U. North Dakota)

We present results of the first extensive survey of galaxy pairs in X-rays. The sample consists of 57 serendipitous observations using ROSAT images of an optically selected sample of galaxy pairs. The sample consists of spiral, elliptical, and mixed morphologies. Correlation tests using optical and X-ray luminosities have been applied to the sample of pairs and compared to samples consisting of isolated galaxies and groups of galaxies. We find a significant correlation between the blue luminosity and X-ray luminosity for both spiral pairs and elliptical pairs. A comparison to isolated galaxies suggests that the elliptical pairs have significant, additional X-ray emission which may be the remnant of a group of galaxies out of which the pair formed through mergers.

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