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Session 43 - Source Surveys.
Display session, Wednesday, June 11
South Main Hall,

[43.07] Optical Identification of Faint Sources in the EUVE Survey IV.

N. Craig, D. J. Christian, B. A. Roberts (CEA)

We present optical identification of previously unidentified faint extreme ultraviolet sources. These sources are the joint detections of the faint sources from the all-sky surveys of the Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer (EUVE) in the 58--174 Å\ (0.071--0.214 keV) band and of the ROSAT Position Sensitive Proportional Counter (PSPC) in the 5--120 Å\ (0.1--2.4 keV x-ray) band. We present medium-resolution spectra of the possible optical counterparts of the soft x-ray and EUVE sources obtained with 3 m Shane telescope using the KAST double spectrograph at Lick Observatory in May, September 1996 and winter 1997 covering a bandpass of 3600-7500 Å\ . These most recent one dozen optical identifications bring the number of known faint EUV sources in the Faint Source Catalog to 570 with 25 faint EUVE sources remaining to be identified. We will comment on the different composition of EUV source catalog from that of soft x-ray source catalog for this fainter population. This work was supported by NASA contract NCC5-138.

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