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Session 41 - T Tauri Stars & Protostellar Regions.
Display session, Wednesday, June 11
South Main Hall,

[41.15] High Resolution KAO Data of NGC 6946

R. Evans, A. Harper (U. Chicago, Yerkes Obs.), P. Alton, J. Davies, S. Bianchi (U. Wales, Cardiff)

We present high resolution 60 and 100 micron KAO data of the inner parts of NGC 6946, our FIR resolutions (17" at 60 microns and 30" at 100 microns) correspond to a linear scale of 450 pc and 800 pc respectively at the adpoted distance of 5.5 Mpc. We compare our FIR data to optical and near infra red images, including H-alpha imags, to ISO FIR data, CO data and radio continuum data.

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