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Session 41 - T Tauri Stars & Protostellar Regions.
Display session, Wednesday, June 11
South Main Hall,

[41.11] Evolution of Outflows In Collapsing Filaments

G. Delamarter, A. Frank (University of Rochester)

Evidence suggests protostellar collapse can proceed from filamentary or sheet-like cloud cores instead of the spherical cores used in many calculations. We investigate how the collimation of jets or bipolar outflows may be produced by the interaction of a YSO wind with such a filament. Since a collapsing filament forms a toroidal structure, we have specific interest in the effect of the toroid's polar opening angle on the outflow.

We present the results of hydrodynamic simulations of the wind-filament interaction, using initial sheet infall conditions from Hartmann, Calvet, and Boss. The simulations are two-dimensional, cylindrically symmetric, and include radiative cooling.

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