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Session 39 - AGNs, QSOs, Active Galaxies.
Display session, Wednesday, June 11
South Main Hall,

[39.15] Time Dependent Structure of the Perturbed Relativistic Jet

P. Hardee, A. Rosen (U.Alabama), P. Hughes (U.Michigan), C. Duncan (Bowling Green S.U.)

A generalized wave dispersion relation describing the propagation and growth of hydrodynamic waves on relativistic jets of circular cross section has been obtained. The generalized wave dispersion relation, which allows pressures in excess of the rest mass density and sound speeds a large fraction of the velocity of light, has been derived from the linearized fully time dependent relativistic fluid equations. The dispersion relation has been solved numerically and analytic solutions in various interesting limits have been obtained. Propagating structures arise from spatial growth of these Kelvin-Helmholtz unstable waves in an otherwise smooth relativistic flow. Theoretically predicted structures are compared to results from numerical simulations of relativistic jets.

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