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Session 37 - New Light on Supernovae Remnants.
Oral session, Wednesday, June 11
North Main Hall F/G,

[37.02] Review of the first ISO results about supernova remnants

P. -O. Lagage (CEA Saclay, DSM/DAPNIA/Service d'Astrophysique)

Supernova remnants have been observed at lenght in optical, radio, X-rays, but barely in infrared. Thanks to ISO, this lack is being filled. Key questions related to supernovae can find answers through infrared observations. In this talk, I will review the first results obtained with the four instruments on board on ISO. In particular, I will show how imaging observations with ISOCAM have shown that dust do form in supernovae. I will also show how observations of ionic lines with the spectrometers of ISO can allow to diagnose the physical conditions of the medium in which the SNR blast wave is propagating, as well as the shock kinematics.

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