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Session 33 - Amateurs & Professionals: Collaborators in the New Age of Electronic Astronomy - II.
Oral session, Tuesday, June 10
North Main Hall C/D,

[33.02] An Amateur Radiometeor Network and its Scientific Results

J. E. Richardson (Poplar Springs Radio Meteor Station), D. D. Meisel (SUNY-Geneseo)

Since 1993, the American Meteor Society has sponsored an amateur radiometeor montoring network. The flagship station in this network is located at Poplar Springs, FL with auxilary stations in California and Hawaii. After a considerable period of rigorous testing and calibration, these stations are continuing to operate, with personal computer data acquisition, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year except for technical outages. After two years of statistical evaluation, we believe these stations provide scientifically valuable results on a routine basis and thus provide a low-cost suppliment to meteor science activities using traditional backscatter methods. Data for well over a million individual events have been gathered and we are presently working at getting the huge backlog of data reduced and published, a task that would be impossible without readily available personal computer statistical software.This work was partially supported by grants from the American Meteor Society, Ltd.

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