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Session 32 - All Sky Imaging Surveys of Black Hole Candidates & AGN - II.
Oral session, Tuesday, June 10
North Main Hall A,

[32.04] INTEGRAL Galactic Plane Survey

P. Ubertini (IAS - CNR, Frascati, Italy), INTEGRAL Science Team

INTEGRAL (International Gamma Ray Astrophysics Laboratory) is a natural follow up on the remarkable discoveries of the CGRO and GRANAT SIGMA.

The Scientific goal of the INTEGRAL mission is to address the fine spectroscopy with imaging and accurate positioning of celestial X-ray emission as well as large scale diffuse emission studies by means of a high resolution Spectrometer (SPI) and a high resolution Imager (IBIS), supplemented by an X-Ray Monitor and an Optical Monitoring Camera. INTEGRAL with 2 years nominal lifetime, possibly extended to 5 years, will be an observatory-class mission. The observing time will be divided into a General Programme, open to the scientific community with the observing time selected by a peer review committee, and a Core Programme which is guaranteed time for the INTEGRAL Science Working Team (ISWT) and will concentrate on key issues as the deep study of the Central Radian of the Galaxy and the monitor and map of the Galactic Plane.

IBIS, with fine imaging (12 arcmin) in the Gamma Ray domain will play a key role in the Galactic Plane Survey and Transient sources detection and monitoring over three energy decades (15 keV-10 MeV). With its 9x9 degree fully coded field of view and 29x29 degree extended zero response as well as good sensitivity, is well suitable to detect and observe most of the Galactic Plane Transient as expected taking into account previous result.

A short description of the scientific rational for the Galactic Plane Survey will be presented.

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