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Session 32 - All Sky Imaging Surveys of Black Hole Candidates & AGN - II.
Oral session, Tuesday, June 10
North Main Hall A,

[32.02] BeppoSAX Wide Field Camera hard X-ray survey, some first results

J. Heise, J. in 't Zand (SRON)

Two Wide Field Camaras (WFC1 and WFC2) on board the BeppoSAX X-ray satellite monitor the hard X-ray sky in 2-25 keV in search for transient X-ray phenomena. The field of view of each camera is 40x40 degree (full width zero response). A coded mask allows for a position determination with an accuracy of a few arcmin, spectral response typical for a proportional counter and timing down to 0.5 msec. The WFCs view the sky in a direction perpendicular to SAX's Narrow Field Instruments (WFC1 opposite to WFC2) with minimal Galactic lattitude within solar constraints. In addition the WFCs have been pointed several times to the Galacic Center region. I will review the results of the partial hard X-ray sky coverage obtained so far, with examples of detections of transient X-ray sources and other transient phenomena such as X-ray bursts, Fast Transients and the X-ray counterparts of Gamma Ray Bursts.

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