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Session 31 - Binary Stars: New Generation Modeling Developments.
Display session, Tuesday, June 10
South Main Hall,

[31.01] Spot Modeling of the Chromospherically Active Binary SV Cam

J. I. Ordway (San Diego St. U.), P. A. Heckert (Western Carolina U.)

Following the need for short term (monthly) monitoring of the Short Eclipsing Period Group (period < 1 day) of Chromospherically Active Binary Stars (CABS) we have collected 6 BVRI light curves of SV Cam. (Feb 1995, Jan 1996, Jun-July 1996 (partial light curve), Oct 1996, Dec 1996, Feb 1997, Apr 1997) We used the 61 cm Smith telescope at Mt. Laguna Oservatory. We use the Information Light Optimization Technique (ILOT) of Budding and Zeilik (1987, ApJ, 319, 827) to model the spots and then to remove or "clean" the spots from the light curve to find basic stellar parameters. We also compare our results to previous findings (Zeilik et al., 1988, ApJ, 332, 293) and discuss both long term trends and rapid variations in the spot activity. We thank Ron Angione for very generous amounts of telescope time at Mt. Laguna Observatory.

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