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Session 30 - Amateurs & Professionals: Collaborators in the New Age of Electronic Astronomy.
Display session, Tuesday, June 10
South Main Hall,

[30.14] Precision Time Measurements of Galilean Satellite Eclipses using Small Format CCD's

D. F. Collins (Warren Wilson College), A. Mallama (Hughes STX Corp.), P. Nelson, J. Park (Ellinbank Obs., Australia)

High quality photometric eclipse timings of the four Galilean satellites of Jupiter are obtained using small format CCD's with small, portable telescopes. The measurements consist of accounting for the scattered light in the vicinity of Jupiter, and fitting the photometric light curves to a number of known effects including refraction and scattering of sunlight into Jupiter's shadow. These studies reveal data on the acceleration of Io, the innermost satellite of Jupiter.

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