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Session 27 - Variable Stars, Novae, & Supernovae.
Display session, Tuesday, June 10
South Main Hall,

[27.01] EUVE Spectra of the Accretion Areas in Magnetic CVs

P. Szkody (U. Washington), S. Vennes (CEA, Berkeley), K. Long (STScI), E. M. Sion (Villanova)

EUVE spectra of AM Her systems provide direct knowledge of the heated region of the white dwarf. Fitting the observed spectrum to white dwarf models determines the temperature and the size of the heated zone, as well as indicating whether the heating takes place from irradation from the accretion shock or from dense blobs which penetrate the surface. The observed spectra and resulting information from VV Pup, BL Hyi, QS Tel and AR UMa are compared with repect to their magnetic field strengths and mode of heating.

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