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Session 26 - Stars in the Visible & IR.
Display session, Tuesday, June 10
South Main Hall,

[26.05] Near-Infrared and Visual Photometry of the Mira Variables V Tau and X Aur

G. D. Henson (East Tennessee St. Univ.)

We have been using a system of narrow-band, near-infrared filters to monitor changes in the infrared continuum magnitude and spectral type of several Mira variables (Rebel and Henson 1996, Bull. A.A.S., 28, 1399). Observations in V were added to the program at the beginning of 1997. We are now building simultaneous visual and near-infrared light curves with corresponding spectral type and color index variations. A comparison of the visual and infrared behavior will allow us to determine whether peculiarities in the visual light curves for these stars can be attributed to differential line blanketing effects or the phasing of temperature and diameter variations. Curves for a complete cycle of the short period Miras, V Tau and X Aur, are presented and the results discussed.

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