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Session 25 - Stars in the Ultraviolet.
Display session, Tuesday, June 10
South Main Hall,

[25.10] The Abundances of the Iron Group Elements in \iota Herculis

J. A. Grigsby (Wittenberg Univ.), G. J. Peters (USC)

We have determined abundances for the iron group elements Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Co, amp; Ni in \iota Herculis (HD 160762, HR 6588; B3 IV), using coadded IUE spectra in both the long and short-wavelength regions, and the LTE model atmosphere/spectral synthesis codes ATLAS9/SYNTHE. Model parameters were adopted from (Peters amp; Polidan 1985 (Calibration of Fundamental Stellar Quantities, IAU Symp. 111, p. 417) and Pintado amp; Adelman 1993 (MNRAS, 264, 63): T_eff = 17,500 K, log g = 3.75, vsin i = 5 km s^-1, and v_turb = 2 km s^-1. Lines of iron group species were carefully chosen to avoid blends, and continua were established by fitting synthetic spectra to observed spectra in an iterative process. Abundances were measured with the profile-fitting technique. We found that Co and Ni appear to be significantly depleted relative to the solar values. Our data suggest a slight depletion of Ti, Cr, and Mn relative to the solar values but the abundance of V appears to be solar. GJP acknowledges partial support for this project from NASA Grant NAG5-3429.

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