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Session 23 - Degenerate Stars, Pulsars.
Display session, Tuesday, June 10
South Main Hall,

[23.05] Gravitational Redshifts and Radial Velocities of White Dwarf Stars in Wide Binary Systems

N. M. Silvestri, T. D. Oswalt, M. A. Wood (Florida Inst.of Tech.), N. Reid (Cal Tech.)

Using Echelle spectra, we present measurements of the gravitational redshifts and radial velocities of white dwarf (WD) stars in common proper motion binary (CPMB) systems. Redshifts and radial velocities are measured relative to the H\alpha line cores of the WD's wide binary companion. These values are used to determine individual radii and masses of these WDs. There are almost 3000 known WDs yet only a small fraction have high precision mass determinations. This paper adds 78 new WDs to this known sample. With such a large number of WDs, we are able to show that the mass distribution, redshifts and radii of our sample are consistant with mass-radius relationships and theoretical models proposed for typical white dwarf stars.

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