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Session 16 - Studies of Black Holes & Future Survey Missions.
Oral session, Monday, June 09
North Main Hall A,

[16.04] An All-sky Low Energy Gamma-Ray Observatory (ALLEGRO)

M. P. Ulmer, S. M. Matz, W. R. Purcell (Northwestern Univ), G. N. Pendleton, R. B. Wilson (NASA/MSFC), J. M. Cordes (Cornell Univ.), J. P. Finley (Purdue Univ.), W. A. Wheaton (NASA/JPL)

ALLEGRO is a proposed MidEx class instrument providing all-sky monitoring of low-energy gamma-rays at unprecedented sensitivity. Unlike previous hard X-ray experiments, there is no time averaging, data selection, or triggering on-board: ALLEGRO transmits all events, time-tagged to 1/8th ms and with full energy information. This produces a database of uniformly high resolution in both energy and time, permitting non-triggered, unbiased detection of transient and pulsed events. This facility would provide excellent all-sky monitoring for AGNs as well as galactic black holes.

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