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Session 12 - Degenerate Stars & Supernovae.
Oral session, Monday, June 09
North Main Hall C/D,

[12.03] Implications of kHz QPOs: constraints on the equation of state of dense matter

W. Klu\'zniak (UW-Madison)

It has been suggested (ref. 1) that the X-ray emission from the inner accretion disk in LMXBS should be modulated with the Keplerian frequency if the radius of a neutron star is smaller than that of the innermost stable circular orbit allowed in general relativity (ref. 2) and that the frequency of the modulation should have a cut-off corresponding to the Keplerian frequency in the marginally stable orbit. Measurement of this highest frequency would allow a determination of the mass of the neutron star (ref. 1). If the observed kHz QPOs are interpreted in the framework of these predicitions, stringent limits are obtained on the masses of the neutron stars in LMXBs. The derived masses rule out both the softest and the stiffest equations of state.


1. Klu\'zniak, W., Michelson, P., Wagoner, R.V., ApJ 358 (1990), 538.

2. Klu\'zniak, W., Wagoner, R.V., ApJ 297 (1985), 548.

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