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Session 12 - Degenerate Stars & Supernovae.
Oral session, Monday, June 09
North Main Hall C/D,

[12.01] General Relativity and X-Ray Oscillations from Neutron Stars

P. Kaaret (Columbia Univ.)

Quasi-periodic oscillations (QPOs) at frequencies near 1000 Hz have been detected from a number of x-ray binaries. The orbital frequency at the inner edge of the accretion disk in neutron star x-ray binaries with low magnetic fields is near 1000 Hz. QPOs at these high frequencies give us information about the behavior of the accretion disk in the strong gravitational field near the neutron star. Here, I present recent results on high frequency QPOs and discuss the implications for QPO production mechanisms. I also discuss implications of general relativity, particularly of the marginally stable orbit, for interpretation of the QPOs and measurement of neutron star masses using QPOs.

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