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Session 6 - The ISM & Molecular Clouds.
Display session, Monday, June 09
South Main Hall,

[6.10] UVISI Observations of Orion Dust

A. R. Dring, J. Murthy, M. M. Allen, J. Daniels, R. E. Newcomer, R. C. Henry (JHU), L. Paxton (JHUAPL), E. Tedesco (Mission Research Corporation), S. D. Price (Phillips Laboratory)

We present two ultraviolet images of the constellation Orion taken with the Midcourse Space Experiment (MSX) satellite. One image is a 10 degree x 13 degree, low resolution broadband image with bandwidth from 1430 Å\ -1760 Å\ . The second image is a 1.5 degree x 1.5 degree, moderate resolution broadband image with bandwidth from 1990 Å\ - 2670 Å\ . Both images are centered on a point 3 degrees south of M42. Additionaly we present moderate resolution spectra, also taken with the MSX satellite, ranging from 1100 Å\ to 7000 Å\ and covering the same sky region as the narrow field image. We make full use of archival data to derive a comprehensive model of this part of the interstellar medium. We use our data to derive extinctions for all the O, B, and A stars in our field of view and combine them with photometric distances to obtain a rough map of the interstellar dust distribution. We then use the derived dust geometry to set constraints on the dust albedo and scattering phase function.

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