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Session 6 - The ISM & Molecular Clouds.
Display session, Monday, June 09
South Main Hall,

[6.03] Laboratory Study of Molecular Hydrogen Formation on Silicates under Astrophysically Relevant Conditions

G. Vidali, C. Liu, L. Shen (Syracuse University), V. Pirronello (Universita' di Catania, Sicily, Italy)

In this poster we present our program of study of hydrogenation reactions on low temperature surfaces under conditions relevant to those encountered in the interstellar medium. We report results of hydrogen recombination reaction kinetics on an olivine natural slab, as well as of recombination rates. We evaluate existing models and, based on our new findings, we propose new expressions for the production rate of molecular hydrogen in interstellar clouds.

Work supported by NASA-Astrophysics Division

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