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Session 6 - The ISM & Molecular Clouds.
Display session, Monday, June 09
South Main Hall,

[6.01] The Galactic Magnetic Field: More OH Maser Zeeman Results

A. L. Argon, M. J. Reid (CfA), K. M. Menten (MPIfR)

Observations of oppositely polarized OH maser Zeeman pairs can be used to measure the line-of-sight direction (and full magnitude) of the masing region's magnetic field. In two previous epochs we obtained line-of-sight magnetic field directions for 34 Galactic OH maser sources. These observations suggested a systematic magnetic field over large portions of the Galaxy and favored an axi-symmetric (over bi-symmetric) magnetic field structure. Since then, we have observed 42 additional Galactic OH maser sources and have identified possible OH maser Zeeman pairs in 34 of them. We report on the preliminary results of these latest observations.

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