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Session 87 - Star Parameters.
Oral session, Thursday, June 13
Old Madison,

[87.03] Determination of Binary Parameters from the Precision Doppler Measurements by Using the Relativistic Doppler Effect

S. M. Kopeikin (NAO of Japan and ASC/FIAN, Moscow, Russia), L. M. Ozernoy (CSI/GMU and GSFC/NASA)

The determination of transverse velocities from precision Doppler measurements implementing the relativistic Doppler effect (Ozernoy 1995, 1996) is elaborated in detail using relativistic theory of astronomical reference frames (Kopeikin 1988, Brumberg amp; Kopeikin 1989) so as to determine the parameters of binary systems. Six reference frames are introduced: (i) proper frame of the emitting star, (ii) barycentric frame of the binary, (iii) barycentric frame of the Galaxy, (iv) barycentric frame of the Solar system, (v) geocentric frame, and (vi) proper coordinate system of observer at the Earth. We apply successive Lorentz transformations and the relativistic equation of light propagation to establish the exact treatment of Doppler effect both in special and general relativity theories. As a result, the Doppler shift is presented as a sum of linear in c^-1 terms, which include the ordinary Doppler effect and its variation due to the radial acceleration of the emitting star, and (2) terms proportional to c^-2, which include the contributions from the quadratic Doppler effect, orbital motion of the star around the binary's barycenter, orbital motion of the Earth and the related modulation of the source's velocity, and finally redshifts due to gravitational fields of the binary, Galaxy, and the Solar system. After parameterization of the binary's orbit we are able to identify new observational effects along with those binary parameters which can be extracted by using the precision Doppler measurements.


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