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Session 86 - Coronal Activity.
Oral session, Thursday, June 13
Wisconsin Center,

[86.09] Coronal X-Ray Structures and Metric Radio Type III and IV Bursts

M. R. Kundu, J. -P. Raulin (UMD, Astronomy), N. Nitta (Lockheed, Palo Alto), A. Raoult (Meudon Observatory)

Over the past several years Yohkoh/SXT experiments have led to the discovery of many new and interesting dynamic phenomena. Of particular interest are the flaring X-ray bright points (XBPs), X-ray jets, and flare associated plasmoids and other ejecta. We have looked for evidence of nonthermal processes occurring in these X-ray events, using radio bursts of spectral types III and IV. We have used positional information of metric radio bursts using the Nancay (France) Radioheliograph in the frequency range 150-450 MHz simultaneously with the Yohkoh experiments. We have evidence of nonthermal type III burst emission in the meter wave range in association with flaring XBPs and certain classes of X-ray jets. We have detected metric structures, namely flaring loops (possibly plasmoids) and other ejecta. The implications of these findings will be discussed in terms of our understanding of radio bursts of different spectral types.

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