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Session 86 - Coronal Activity.
Oral session, Thursday, June 13
Wisconsin Center,

[86.07] Simultaneous UV and X-ray Observations of Coronal Bright Points

M. E. Bruner, N. Nitta, J. P. Wuelser (Lockheed Martin Research Lab., Palo Alto, CA), K. Harvey (Solar Physics Research Corp.), B. Handy (Montana State University), L. Dame (Service d'Aeronomie du CNRS)

High resolution ultraviolet filtergrams recorded during the 1992 and 1994 flights of the Solar Plasma Diagnostics Experiment (SPDE) sounding rocket payload revealed a number of coronal bright points that were simultaneously observed with the Yohkoh soft x-ray telescope. UV images made at 1550 Å\/, which include substantial contributions from the C IV resonance lines, reveal pairs of sources under the x-ray bright points; consistent with the conventional interpretation of the latter as un-resolved loops. The 1994 flight also recorded high resolution EUV images at 171 and 195 Å\/, corresponding to strong lines of Fe IX and Fe XII, respectively. Excellent correspondence was found between coronal bright points seen in these lines, which are formed at relatively low coronal temperatures (1 -- 2 \times 10^6 k\/), and the 2 -- 5 \times 10^6 k\/ that typifies the Yohkoh SXT images. In this study, we use the Yohkoh database to study the temporal development of several coronal bright points both before and after each rocket flight in order to determine the stage of evolution of the sources at the epoch of the flight. The relationship between the plasma properties of the sources and their stages of evolution will be discussed.

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