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Session 85 - Instruments, Databases and Techniques.
Oral session, Thursday, June 13

[85.09] The Milagro Gamma-Ray Observatory

C. Sinnis, G. Gisler, T. J. Haines, C. M. Hoffman, R. Miller, V. Sandberg (LANL), M. Cavalli-Sforza (U. Autonoma de Barcelona), S. Barwick, S. Hugenberger, I. Leonor, A. Shoup, G. B. Yodh (U.C. Irvine), A. Lu (U.C. Santa Barbara), D. Coyne, D. Dorfan, L. Kelley, D. A. Williams, T. Yang (U.C. Santa Cruz), B. Shen, I. Stancu, T. Tumer, G. Van Dalen (U.C. Riverside), R. W. Ellsworth (George Mason U.), S. Biller (U. Leeds), C. Y. Chang, M. L. Chen, J. A. Goodman, G. Sullivan (U. Maryland), D. Berley (NSF), A. I. Mincer, P. Nemethy (NYU)

Milagro is new type of gamma-ray detector based on water Cerenkov technology. This new design will enable Milagro to continuously observe the entire overhead sky, and be sensitive to cosmic rays with energies above 250 GeV. These attributes make Milagro an ideal detector to search for and study high-energy transient phenomena in the Universe. In this paper we describe Milagro and our plans for construction and operation of a first stage detector called Milagrito.

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