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Session 85 - Instruments, Databases and Techniques.
Oral session, Thursday, June 13

[85.05] Thick Silicon Detectors with High Spectral Resolution at Room Temperature for Low-energy Solar X-ray Spectral Studies

U. D. Desai, L. E. Orwig (GSFC)

We are evaluating P-Intrinsic-N (PIN) silicon photodiodes for use as X-ray detectors in the energy range from \sim1 to \sim20 keV. They offer high spectral resolution (\sim1 keV) at or near room temperature, providing significant advantages over conventional lithium-drifted silicon detectors that must be cooled to liquid-nitrogen temperatures to achieve the same resolution. Detectors are now available from Micron Semiconductors, Ltd., Lancing, England, with thicknesses of up to 2000 microns and areas up to 4 cm^2.

These detectors have the capability to do high-time-resolution spectral studies of solar flare X-ray emissions.

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