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Session 85 - Instruments, Databases and Techniques.
Oral session, Thursday, June 13

[85.03] Image Quality Improvements at the NSO/Sacramento Peak Vacuum Tower Telescope

R. R. Radick (AF Phillips Lab.), R. B. Dunn, T. R. Rimmele, F. R. Stauffer, L. M. Wilkins (NSO)

Recently, an effort has been underway at NSO/Sacramento Peak to improve the imaging performance of the vacuum tower solar telescope (VTT) by identifying, characterizing, and correcting optical problems in the system. Considerable attention has been given to thermal control of the entrance window to alleviate focus changes and other time-varying aberrations in the wavefront, and development of a second generation solar correlation tracker, based on commercially available components, to eliminate tip-tilt image motion. We are also refiguring one of the 45\deg turning flats in the telescope turret, primarily to eliminate a turned edge that introduces astigmatism. In the next year, we plan to implement a low-bandwidth active optics system, based on a workstation-hosted Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor, generalized to operate using solar granulation as its target, and a 97 element deformable mirror, recently purchased from Xinetics Inc. with Air Force and NSO funds, to correct any remaining residual aberrations in the VTT optical system.

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