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Session 85 - Instruments, Databases and Techniques.
Oral session, Thursday, June 13

[85.01] CHIANTI - An Atomic Database for Emission Line Spectroscopy: Version 1 - Wavelengths greater than 50 Å

K. P. Dere (NRL), B. C. Monsignori-Fossi (Arcetri), E. Landi (Florence), H. E. Mason, P. R. Young (Cambridge)

A comprehensive set of accurate atomic data is required for analyses of astrophysical and solar spectra. CHIANTI provides an atomic database of energy levels (wavelengths), radiative data and electron excitation data for ions which are abundant in astrophysical plasmas. The most recent electron excitation data have been assessed and stored following the method of Burgess and Tully (1992). CHIANTI includes IDL (Interactive Data Language) routines to produce optically thin synthetic spectra for \lambda > 50Åassuming equilibrium conditions. It also includes IDL routines to calculate theoretical line intensities required for electron density or temperature diagnostics and emission measure studies. The CHIANTI atomic database and supporting IDL routines are available by anonymous FTP.

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