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Session 81 - IDEA's in Astronomy.
Oral session, Thursday, June 13
Old Madison,

[81.06] Amateur Astronomers and the Hubble Space Telescope

M. Mutchler (STScI), H. Schenk (Sheboygan Astronomical Society)

Astronomy is quite unique among the sciences with regards to the large community of amateur scientists that has always played a significant role in advancing the field -- as enthusiastic advocates, educators, and in some cases as researchers. In recognition of this unique situation, the Space Telescope Science Institute has conducted an amateur program whereby a few amateur astronomers have been awarded Director's Discretionary time to conduct their own observations with the Hubble Space Telescope (HST). Although not a part of STScI's formal amateur program, many other amateur astronomers have also played supporting roles in HST research programs by monitoring targets and conducting coordinated ground-based observations, etc, for HST General Observers. We will discuss the past, present, and possible futures of amateur involvement in the HST mission, and the consequences for HST-related research, education and outreach.

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