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Session 80 - Solar Corona and Transition Region.
Oral session, Thursday, June 13
Wisconsin Center,

[80.03] Reconstruction of SXT Flare Images using the IRIS Method

G. Roumeliotis (Stanford University)

We have developed a novel maximum likelihood method dubbed IRIS (Image Reconstruction with Increased Sampling) for reconstructing images that have been blurred by a known point spread function and recorded on a CCD detector. The IRIS method allows the reconstructed images to be represented on a finer grid than that defined by the CCD detector. We illustrate the method on flare images taken by the Soft X-Ray Telescope aboard the Yohkoh spacecraft. An IDL implementation of the IRIS method is available by sending e-mail to the author at

This work was supported in part by NASA contract NAS8-37334, NASA grant NAGW-2265, and Air Force grant F49620-92-J-0015.

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