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Session 80 - Solar Corona and Transition Region.
Oral session, Thursday, June 13
Wisconsin Center,

[80.02] Finest Filamentary Structures of the Inner Corona in the Slow and Fast Solar Wind

R. Woo (JPL/Caltech), S. R. Habbal (SAO)

Recent progress in the interpretation of angular scattering measurements has shown that a break in the vicinity of 1 Hz in the temporal frequency spectrum of electron density fluctuations provides a measure of the size of the finest filamentary structures in the solar corona. Using density spectra deduced from 1979-1980 Voyager joint phase scintillation and spectral broadening measurements by Coles et al. [1991], it is shown that the finest filamentary structures are found in the extensions or stalks of coronal streamers - the apparent sources of the slow solar wind - and are over a factor of three smaller than those in the fast wind emanating from coronal holes. The measured sizes of the finest filamentary structures are approximately 6 km in the slow wid at 8 Ro and 22 km in the fast wind at 9.1 Ro.

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